My Philosophy

I believe that when mind, body, and spirit are in alignment the journey forward is a more joyful, rewarding experience.  As a Personal Empowerment Life Coach, I use a holistic approach which includes positive re-enforcement, meditation, improvisation;  physical exercise, and customized nutrition plans. I help people replace low-energy-self-defeating mind traps with high-energy perspectives which serve to elevate mood, stimulate creative thinking and anchor self-determination. Commitment to the process leads to actualizing goals and life-long dreams.


At the time this photo was taken I was 21 years old. I was caught in a relationship that was rife with physical and emotional abuse.  Though I’ve never dwelt on the experience, I remember that heartache well.  Our two sons were both toddlers, my every thought and action revolved around protecting their tender spirits.  I was well aware that their father loved them very much, he was affectionate with them and their older sister, my stepdaughter.  Truth be told he loved me as well.  Unfortunately, he’d suffered at the hands of abuse growing up and never received any sort of therapy that could have helped him overcome the feelings of insecurity that fueled his anger.  Even though I was confident he wouldn’t hurt our children physically, I couldn’t risk them growing up confused over what is/isn’t a healthy relationship.  There’s no room for violence in a loving, healthy relationship.

Lessons I’ve learned along the way have served me well. Some people believe that it’s best to forget the past, to simply set your sights toward the future. The past is the past—what’s done is done and cannot be undone, they say. But, I’ve always felt that a trip down memory lane is the ultimate power move when it’s done for purposes of self-awareness, personal growth, and healing. Besides, none of us have dibs on tomorrow! What we do have is the present moment. It’s ours to throw away by repeating past mistakes or we can decide to live at a higher frequency.

Like it or not, the answers to those big “why” questions, positive-and-negative are anchored in our past. For many people, conjuring up memories will likely reopen some ugly, unhappy, traumatic experiences that occurred during childhood. But, while exploring, beautiful, happy memories will also resurface. Those recollections reveal opportunities to process your feelings and embrace different perspectives. The old adage, “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” is more than an internet meme to be taken lightly, it’s a bold truth that you can use to liberate and empower yourself.

So here’s the thing, if you’ve gone through emotional, or physical fires and come out on the other side; then you have every reason to feel proud—to hold your head up high; and to be confident that you’re capable of achieving whatever it is that you set your heart and mind to. I wholeheartedly believe this, and countless others do as well. Those of us who know, stand firmly in this as truth. You can too! It’s NOT magic. Claiming the life you deserve takes perseverance and your willingness to push beyond shame, self-doubt or fear. In fact, it’s okay to be afraid—fear is human. Use yours as a guiding force during your journey and with each step taken be sure to SHINE YOUR RADIANT LIGHT!