Welcome to my official website!  I’m Madeline McCray, an actress, producer, and writer based in New York City. 

It’s happening! American Thief will premier at the 2020 Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany and Urban World Film Festival in New York City! I’m thrilled for the filmmakers, cast, and crew. I portray a loving-grandmother whose also a fierce community activist. At the first of the year, I booked a role to portray a doctor in an independent film, Life After You.  Both films are grounded in stories that impact our lives and communities. I’m extremely proud to have been cast in a supporting role in each of them.

I’d planned to mount a production of my solo play A Dream to Fly: Inspired by the Life and Times of Bessie Coleman this year, but…Covid-19.  I didn’t let it stop me from flexing my writer’s muscle, been working on a TV pilot. Can’t wait to step into the pitching journey!

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