Giving back to the community!

A Coaching Moment

IMG_6758I believe…

It’s all about the journey, what we learn from our experiences along the way.  It’s how we choose to treat one another and ourselves.  As artists, we must set aside time to explore our feelings, to understand why certain circumstances, people and events inspire us and others don’t.  Answers to the questions reside in the stillness of self-reflection.  There’s peace and power in knowing where you stand on life’s crucial issues.  This stuff, these layers of our humanity need to show up in our heart and in our art…all day, everyday.

I’m Madeline McCray.  I believe that we can all do more to end violence and sexual assault against children, women and LGBQT people. If you see someone, or hear someone being abused, please say or do something. No one is asking that you put yourself in harms way, but you can call and report the crime.  You can also visit websites of organizations that support victims to learn more ways to be helpful.

The truth is, there’s a plethora of human tragedy to wrap your mind and energy around. Enjoy life, but do not forget to care for those in need.  Remember…where you start isn’t nearly as important as where you finish.

Shine Your Radiant Light!