Welcome to my official website!  I’m Madeline McCray, an actress, producer, and writer based in New York City. 

It’s the first week of January 2020 and I just booked a role to portray a doctor in an independent film, Life After You. I’m also looking forward to the release of; American Thief later this year.  I have a plum role portraying a loving-grandmother whose also a fierce community activist. I’ll also be remounting productions of my solo play A Dream to Fly: Inspired by the Life and Times of Bessie Coleman, the world’s first Black pilot to earn an international license. Meanwhile, as of March, you can catch me on the PBS in Unladylike2020: Unsung Women Who Changed America.

Among my 2019 accomplishments, I co-produced a short film with an outstanding cast of accomplished actors; and I was signed by a new management team, The Entertainment Group.

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