McCray_Madeline_1460_ret_WEBWelcome to the official website of Madeline McCray. I am an actress based in New York City. 

I’m looking forward to the 2020 release of American Thief.  I portray a loving-protective grandmother and fierce community activist.  The American Thief dream role came with a dream team. Award-winning director, Miguel Silvera, producer Michel Skolnicki, co-producer/writer Missy Hernandez, director of photography Wakayama Carey, a ride or die crew and gifted castmates. It’s an unforgettable experience!

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I played Granny in The Great Novel, written by Amina Henry directed by Sarah Norris of the New Light Theatre Project at The Flea Theatre.  (McCray stands out as a natural-born storyteller who can make the ordinary entrancing, her talent for crafting a Jamaican landscape from words is nothing short of exceptional. -Gillian Russo/Plays To See)  (Photo by Hunter Canning) – 2019.















I played Mother in Hunter John and Jane by writer Amina Henry, directed by Sash Bischoff.  Night after night I interrogated police through song lyrics “Why haven’t you found my daughter my baby, my love?” -2018


I portrayed Alicia, a domestic abuse survivor, a nurturer with dreams. I doled out tough love while feeding homeless people in Roughly Speaking written by Shara Ashley, directed by Celine Rosenthal. -2016



I am the pioneer aviator, Bessie Coleman.  The world’s first black Black person to earn an international license to fly and the first Black woman pilot (1921) This is my solo play, A Dream to Fly: Inspired by the Life & Times of Bessie Coleman. – Available for bookings contact:


Madeline McCray Matz & Jerry Matz
Maddie & Jerry Matz

Remembering my beloved husband…my-joy-my-mentor-my best friend…Jerry Matz. 

Your blazing light force will burn bright within my soul throughout eternity!