McCray_Madeline_1460_ret_WEBWelcome to the official website of Madeline McCray. I am an actress based in New York City. In 2018, I won “Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film” at the North Europe International Film Festival for my performance in Fake Trees.  

Next Up-June, 2019!  The Great Novel a new play by phenomenal writer, Amina Henry! I’m looking forward to working with director Sarah Norris of the New Light Theatre Project.  Stay tuned for our June run at The Flea Theatre (Siggy) in downtown Manhattan!

Also, my work in the soon to be released feature film, American Thief by award-winning director, Miguel Silvera. I’m very excited to portray Mrs. Mason, a loving-protective grandmother, and fierce community activist.

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The American Thief dream role came with a dream team. Producer Michel Skolnicki, co-producer/writer Missy Hernandez, DP Wakayama Carey, ride or die crew members and gifted castmates. This is an unforgettable experience!

Scroll down for some of my earlier work…

My character is Mother.  In the play, Hunter John and Jane  by writer Amina Henry, directed by Sash Bischoff, I portray the mother mourning my missing daughter.  Night after night through song and dialogue I storm the stage interrogating two police officers with the same question …”Why haven’t you found my daughter, my baby, my love?” I am angry, remorseful and finally grateful to the homeless man who eventually discovered Erica’s bones in the park. – 2018


I am Alicia, a domestic abuse survivor, a nurturer with dreams. I feed homeless people while doling out tough love in Roughly Speaking, a new play written by Shara Ashley, directed by Celine Rosenthal. -2016


I am Chief Sanders.  My job is tough and I hold it down in One Too Many: PT 2, a short film written and directed by Amber Robinson. -2016

I am Vivian, a scholar fighting for my life in a class project produced for Columbia University MFA student director, Gauri Adelkar. -2016

I am Marjorie Lewis, a former jazz singer, my life is?  I smoke cigarettes, wash my disappointment down with cheap wine and amuse myself with scratch offs in Lucky Motel Six, a short film written and directed by Lauren Muller. -2015

I am pioneer aviator. I refused to take NO for an answer and became the first Black person to earn an international license to fly and the world’s first Black woman pilot (1921) This is my solo play, A Dream to Fly: Inspired by the Life & Times of Bessie Coleman. – Available for bookings contact:


Madeline McCray Matz & Jerry Matz
Maddie & Jerry Matz

Always remembering my beloved husband, my mentor, my best friend…Jerry Matz. 

His blazing light force will burn bright within my soul throughout eternity!